Genuis: SF (Official video) (watch fullscreen)

Here it is for the third week of our kickstarter: 

We are almost halfway to our goal.

This is a video Jonathan worked on for a long time and we are so grateful for him. He is super talented and super chill. you can see his stuff at

So on top of raising funds for our kickstarter. 

We are putting out a free mixtape of new music we made for y’all. I think its better than anything we have ever done. 


HEY! its been a week! and we are 25% to our goal. if its like this every week we have a chance to make it! So please help us out. It really is one of our biggest dreams. and we are really serious about 2014 being the year. I promise you. 

anyways this is our video for //strawberri shot, edited and directed by Jared Law!

2 more coming each week. 

I dare you to do this:


Genuis - Flnnl

Meet Genuis! They’re an incredibly talented musical duo who have already opened for artists such as Au Revoir Simone. Not only are they skilled musicians, but they’re also incredibly beautiful people! They’re currently making their debut album but need the backing in order to complete it. If you enjoyed their sounds, help them out! A little bit goes a long way.

Link to their kickstarter:

More of Genuis:

I love adam. hes so kind. I love him

HERE IT IS! THE KICKSTARTER THAT WE”VE BEEN WAITING FOR! / the music video of Flnnl directed and edited by EMILY WANG!

We are raising 2014 dollars to actually put out our first album! If anyone knows us, you know this would be a dream come true and we would be so grateful and do anything. 

You all have been so supportive and sweet and kind that it makes us feel like the luckiest band in the world. Thank you everyone.

We will be releasing a music video each week for 30 days until the end of the Kickstarter.

If we surpass 2014 dollars then the money will go to help us go on tour!!! A DREAM! and also to pay all the people who have helped us over time (so you guys) with art, housing, anything and everything. 

If you can, can you please share it with your friends? If thats too much pressure then thats ok. but we will be so indebted to you. 

Kickstarter release w/ music video in TWO DAYS!!!

OH man Oh Man

Just heard a rough draft of a new song from &nthony. You have no idea what the world is in for. It sounds so different and so incredibly eye-catching. 

What a year we are going to be in for. Mark my words, what a year this will be. 

Comprising full-length releases from the likes of BRAIDS, DIANA, Pick a Piper, Sean Nicholas Savage etcetera, few could argue against Canada’s having had a healthy, and musically prosperous 2013. And .​/​/​WAV from grammatically problematic Québec duo GENUIS could likely file alongside the outstanding albums of those aforementioned. For across nine restive tracks, &thony (or Anthony Michael Leedom) and Elfboi (born Lien Bao Do) piece together one of the more inventive records we’ve heard in recent months.

Perhaps inevitably therefore, it’s not without its ecstatic highs (and murky lows), of which the pulsating, if again typographically tricky Flnnl is one. For belying its slightly exhibitionistic production values resides Do’s candid admission, “I crave you.” GENUIS may not be the first to have concealed a song of such intense yearning in a relatively Hi-NRG electronic track, although few have previously done so this inGENUOISly.

However, it’s the immersive murmuring of the record’s extensive centrepiece, Hwaiian Wdding, that’ll have you helplessly devoting yourself to one of underground music’s unplumbed, if already rarefied triumphs. For amidst what sounds the jingling of shrapnel and shuffling acoustic guitar twangs dwells a work of subtlety and spectacularity alike, Do this time daydreaming of monosaccharides, “red shift dives” and Mid-Atlantic blues to make for a work that’s inviting as an infinity pool. And if this aqueous ceremony were to go on that long, few would likely kvetch much, if at all…

We just got the sweetest review from Dot and Dashes in the UK. Like the review is so spot on it makes us wanna cry. 

Here is the full thing:

Its becoming a Reality: 4 music videos and a Kickstarter

Its happening. We are taking one step closer to our dream by raising money via Kickstarter to produce PHYSICAL 7 INCHES of our album .//WAV. 

This is a video comprising clips from our music videos to show you whats been going on. 

its be one heck of a ride with everyone and we are excited for 2014. We wanted to release one music video each week of the kickstarter to show our thanks and to do anything possible to show how much we appreciate you all.

We usually aren’t ones to ask people to publicize for us but if you think this is cool and worthwhile, it would be nice if you did tell others.

don’t feel pressured to. 

until next time, see you space cowboy

so pretty much we are in post production for 3 different music videos and all the videographers and directors are amazing : Jonathan Gleit, Emily Wang, Jared Law.

We are so blessed.